Orbi-Shaker™ With Touch Screen Display (BT3001)

The powerful Orbi-Shaker is capable of mixing a 14lb load capacity up to speeds as high as 300 rpm. The standard platform (included) features a non-slip, rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, petri dishes and staining trays.


  • High capacity, up to 9 x 500ml, 5 x 1L or 2 x 2L
  • Horizontally circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixing
  • Digital speed control up to 300 rpm
  • Instantly exchange flask clamps with MAGic Clamp™ accessories (PATENTED)

Product Overview


The convenient MAGic Clamp™ platform (PATENT PENDING) is also available for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. The unique, magnetic attachment method is the easiest way to instantly change between flask clamps of different sizes


  • High Capacity: Capable of accommodating up to 9 x 500ml, 5 x 1L, or 2 x 2L flasks, providing ample mixing space.
  • Horizontally Circular Orbit: Utilizes a 19mm orbit for efficient aeration and mixing of contents.
  • Digital Speed Control: Offers precise speed control with a digital interface allowing adjustment of speeds up to 300 rpm.
  • MAGic Clamp™ Compatibility: Features patented MAGic Clamp™ technology enabling instant exchange of flask clamps with compatible accessories, enhancing versatility and convenience.


Speed Range 30 to 300 rpm
Speed Increment 1 rpm
Orbit 19mm
Timer 1 min. to 99 hr or continuous
Platform Size 13 x 12 in. / 33 x 30 cm
Load Capacity 5 x 1L or 14 lbs (6.4kg)
Operating Temp. Range +4°C to +65°C
Dimensions (in) 11 x 16.2 x 3 in.
Dimensions (cm) 28 x 41 x 7.5 cm
Weight 25lbs (11.5kg)
Electrical 115 or 230V 50-60Hz; 50W

Additional Info

Item No. Description:
BT3001* Orbi-Shaker with flat mat platform (13 x 12 in.)
BT3000-MR** MAGic Clamp™ universal platform for flasks and tubes
H1000-P-SP Universal spring platform for unique vessel types
H1000-P-MP Dedicated platform for 4 x microplates

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