Milwaukee Instruments, Inc.


Milwaukee Instruments offers a comprehensive range of analytical instruments designed for various applications in fields such as water treatment, hydroponics, aquariums, and food and beverage industries.


  1. pH and ORP Meters:
  • Portable Meters: Models like MW100, MW101 PRO, and MW500 PRO for measuring pH and ORP with varying resolutions and functionalities.
  • Pocket Testers: Compact devices such as pH55 PRO and ORP57 PRO for easy on-the-go measurements.
  • Benchtop Meters: Advanced models like MW180 MAX for laboratory use, capable of measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, and temperature.
  1. Conductivity, TDS, and Salinity Meters:
  • Portable Meters: Devices like MW301 PRO and MW302 PRO for measuring conductivity and TDS.
  • Pocket Testers: Models such as EC59 PRO and CD600 for quick and efficient conductivity and TDS measurements.
  • Benchtop Meters: High-precision instruments like MW170 MAX for detailed analysis in laboratory settings.
  1. Dissolved Oxygen Meters:
  • Portable Meters: Models like MW600 PRO designed for measuring dissolved oxygen levels in water.
  1. Photometers and Turbidity Meters:
  • Instruments for specific analyses such as chlorine, iron, phosphate, and more, suitable for water treatment and environmental monitoring.
  1. Refractometers:
  • Devices for measuring concentration levels in various solutions, useful in the food and beverage industry, particularly for brewing and winemaking.
  1. Monitors and Controllers:
  • PRO Monitors: Continuous monitoring devices for parameters like pH and conductivity (e.g., MC110 PRO).
  • PRO Controllers: Systems for controlling environmental conditions in applications such as hydroponics (e.g., MC311 PRO).
  1. Thermometers:
  • Pocket thermometers like TH300 and TH310 for measuring temperature in various environments.


Milwaukee Instruments provides a variety of services to support their products, including:

  • Technical Support: Manuals, video guides, and FAQs to assist with product usage and troubleshooting.
  • Warranty and Returns: Policies to ensure customer satisfaction and product reliability.
  • Calibration Solutions: Essential for maintaining the accuracy of measurements.
  • Product Registration: For better service and support.

Location and Contact Details

Headquarters: Milwaukee Electronics Kft.
Alsó-Kikötő sor 11 C. H-6726
Szeged, Hungary

Customer Service:

  • Phone: +36 62 428 050 (8:30 AM to 5 PM Central European Time)
  • Email and Contact Form: Available on the website for inquiries and support.

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